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Warranty: 1 calendar year
Product Number: IEC+NMRV
Kind: Gear MOTOR
Frequency: fifty/60Hz
Period: 3-section
Defend Attribute: Waterproof
AC Voltage: 110V, 220V,230V,380V,440V
All Technical Knowledge: Can Be Tailored
Specification: .06kw-eighteen.5kw
Certification: CE
Packaging Details: Plastic bag and carton packing
Port: HangZhou or ZheJiang

Aluminium Three-section IEC Motor with NMRV Worm Gearbox

Motor Specification

VarietyRated EnergyComplete loadRated TorqueNm1st/TNTst/TNTmax/TN
Synchronous Velocity 3000rpm
YE3-80M1-two.seventy fiveone28801.70eighty.7.eighty threetwo.forty nine6.8two.threetwo.three
YE3-80M2-twoone.oneone.five2880two.forty three82.7.833.657.3two.32.3
YE3-90S-2one.522895three.2584.2.83four.ninety fiveseven.62.32.3
YE3-90L-twotwo.twothree2895four.fifty seveneighty five.9.85seven.267.8two.32.three
YE3-132S1-25.fiveseven.5293010.six89.two.8817.nine8. 2.2two.three
YE3-160M1-two11fifteen2945twenty.491.two.ninety 35.7seven.92.twotwo.three
YE3-160M2-21520294527.2ninety one.nine.91 48.68. 2.twotwo.3
YE3-160L-two18.five25294034.oneninety two.4.89 sixty.1eight.12.22.three
YE3-180M-22230295540.one92.7.90 71.18.22.two2.three
YE3-200L1-2thirty402960fifty four.eight93.3.89ninety six.87.fivetwo.2two.3 one119. seven.fivetwo.two2.three
YE3-225M-2forty five60296582.fiveninety four.88one hundred forty five. seven.6two.two2.3
YE3-250M-twofifty fiveseventy five2970ninety nine.six94.3.89176.9seven.sixtwo. two.three
YE3-280S-twoseventy fiveone hundred297513494.7.90 240.86.9two. 2.3
YE3-280M-2ninetyone hundred twenty five2975162ninety five.89 288.nineseven. two. 2.three
YE3-315S-two110a hundred and fifty297819595.2.90 352.87.12. 2.2
YE3-315M-two1321802978233ninety five.four.90 423.three7.12. 2.2
YE3-315L1-twoone hundred sixty2002980283ninety five.six.ninety 512.eight7.1two. 2.two
YE3-315L2-twotwo hundred270298034995.eight.ninety one 640.nine7.1two. two.two
YE3-355M-two2503402982431ninety five.8.ninety two 800.six7.onetwo. two.two
YE3-355L-two3154302982543ninety five.8.ninety two 1009seven.one2. 2.two
Worm Gearbox Specification

IECfiveseven.510152025thirtyforty50sixty80one hundred
57156B14fiftysixty five80ninenine99nineninenine9nine
63B1460seventy five90
56B580one hundreda hundred and twentyninenineninenine99ninenine9nine9
56B1450sixty five80
04071B5one hundred tena hundred thirtyone hundred sixty141414141414fourteen14
71B1470eighty fiveone zero five
63B595one hundred fifteen140eleveneleven11eleven11eleveneleveneleven11eleveneleveneleven
56B580one hundredone hundred twenty nine9nine
05080B5130a hundred sixty fivetwo hundred19191919191919
80B1480a hundredone hundred twenty
71B5110one hundred thirty160fourteenfourteenfourteenfourteenfourteen1414fourteenfourteen14fourteen
71B147085one hundred and five
63B5ninety fivea hundred and fifteen14011eleveneleven11eleven
06390B5130a hundred sixty fivetwo hundred242424242424
90B14ninety fiveone hundred fifteenone hundred forty
80B5one hundred thirty165two hundred191919191919191919
80B14eighty100one hundred twenty
71B5one hundred tenone hundred thirtyone hundred sixtyfourteenfourteenfourteen14fourteen
71B1470eighty fivea hundred and five

We only demonstrate many motor models, if these versions are not what you want, Flat Monitor 19 x 3. Bike 36 Holes Alloy Wheel make sure you freely explain to us about your need. We will give you with a suited motor solution and price tag shortly.

1 Q: What is actually your MOQ for gear motor and gearbox?
A: 1 unit is Ok for various sorts.

2 Q: What about your warranty for your gear motor and gearbox?
A: A single 12 months.

3 Q: Do you supply OEM services with consumer-symbol?
A: Yes, we could do OEM orders.

four Q: How about your payment phrases ?
A: TT, western union and paypal. 100% payment in innovative for orders significantly less $ten,000. fifty% deposit and stability ahead of supply for orders more than $ten,000.

five Q: How about your packing ?
A: Carton, plywood scenario and pallet

six Q: What info need to be given, if I acquire equipment motor and gearbox from you ?
A: Rated energy, CZPT NL Kind Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling variety coupling gearbox ratio, enter speed, mounting place. A lot more information, greater!

7 Q: How do you supply the equipment motor and gearbox?
A: We will assess and pick the most suitable methods of supply by sea, air or categorical courier soon after customer’s confirmation.

We hope you enjoy cooperating with us!

worm reducer

What is a worm gear reducer gearbox?

The worm gear reducer gearbox is used to change the output speed of the mechanical device. It consists of worm and helical gears mounted on the input side of the equipment. In some cases, this gear reduction system can be multi-stage, enabling extremely low output speeds. It has the advantages of low energy consumption and low vibration.
Hollow shaft worm gear reducer gearbox

Worm gear reducer gearbox is an effective device to reduce the speed of mechanical equipment. The use of hard steel or non-ferrous metals for the worm increases its efficiency. Worms made of hard steel generate more heat than worms made of mild steel. Different thermal expansion results in gaps between mating surfaces. Despite its many benefits, worm gear reducer gearboxes are prone to oil leakage, which can be a problem for a number of reasons.
Hollow shaft worm gear reducer gearboxes are available in different gear ratios and are compatible with many motor types. Some are available in dual-axis and single-axis configurations and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. They are also available in intermediate ratios, as well as four- and five-speed transmission types. They can also be connected with additional output shafts.
Another type of worm gear reducer gearbox is the multi-stage variety. This gear reducer gearbox has multiple stages, enabling it to reduce speed with extremely low output speeds. In addition to the large transmission ratio, the multi-stage gear reducer gearbox has low noise, low vibration and low energy consumption.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes offer space-saving solutions as well as increased torque. Agknx Gearbox offers worm gear reducer gearboxes that solve common deceleration problems. The company has also expanded its product range into the bathroom market. Compared with the standard gearbox, the worm gear reducer gearbox has the characteristics of lower price and better torque output.
Agknx worm gear

The Agknx type worm gear reducer gearbox has multi-tooth line contact and is widely used in heavy machinery. These gears are characterized by a high load-carrying capacity, but they are highly sensitive to misalignment and manufacturing errors. However, by employing point contact, these gears can be made more reliable and can withstand higher loads.
Another major advantage of the Agknx worm gear is its high load capacity. The tooth profile design of the gears has a high relative slip ratio, which improves efficiency and load capacity. In addition, the large angle between the sliding direction and the contact line provides a low coefficient of friction. The Agknx worm gear also features premium carburized steel and phosphor bronze castings for exceptional durability. In addition, the tooth profile is very precise, the operation is quiet, and the speed fluctuation is small.
Agknx worm gear reducer gearboxes are designed to operate for up to ten hours per day with an even load. The design of this worm gear reducer gearbox stems from Sumitomo Heavy Industries’ extensive experience in gear reducer gearboxes. The smooth surface texture and precise tooth profile of the gears ensure that the gears can withstand high loads without damaging the lubricant film. In addition, Agknx worm shafts are specially designed to have the right stiffness.
Agknx worm gear reducer gearboxes are designed to maximize load capacity while minimizing energy consumption. Its fully meshed teeth reduce surface pressure on the worm gear teeth and increase load capacity.
worm reducerDouble throat worm gear

There are a few things to consider when choosing a dual-throat worm gear. First, the diameter of the root circle must match the circle pitch of the larger gear. This measurement is usually done by measuring the distance between adjacent teeth. Alternatively, the worm’s normal module can be used. It is the value entered in the worm module dialog. In addition, the axial pitch of the worm should be equal to the pitch diameter of the circular pitch.
Double-throat worm gears are an excellent choice for heavy and heavy-duty applications. The design of this worm gear is ideal for heavy-duty applications as it provides a tighter connection between the worm and the gear. It is also more compact than other types of gear and is comparable to a fine-pitch lead screw.
The efficiency of a double-throat worm gear depends on the material of the gear and worm. Typically, gears are made of case-hardened steel, while worm gears are made of bronze or cast iron. In some cases, a combination of cast iron and bronze can be used.
The deflection of the worm shaft is also affected by the tooth parameters. Tooth height, pressure angle, and size factors all affect the deflection of the worm shaft. In addition, the number of worm threads is another important parameter that affects the deflection of the worm shaft.
Double-throat worm gears are commonly used in industrial applications where high drive reduction is required. The worm has a concave and internal tooth structure that can be adjusted to achieve various ratios. Worm gears and worm gear assemblies must be properly mounted on their shafts to prevent back drive.
Brass worm gear

The basic working principle of the brass worm gear reducer gearbox is the same as that of the traditional worm gear reducer gearbox. Its axial pitch must be equal to the circumferential pitch of the larger gear. The single-thread design advances one tooth per revolution, while the double-thread design advances two teeth. The threads on the worm are either left-handed or right-handed. The lead of a worm is the distance a point on the thread of the worm moves in one revolution. The lead angle is the angle tangent to the pitch of the cylinder and the axis of the worm.
Double-thread worm gear reducer gearboxes are best for heavy loads. It provides the tightest connection between the worm and the gear. Assembly of the worm gear requires precise mounting. The keyway installation method involves drilling a square cut in the gear hole. This prevents the worm from rotating on the shaft and helps transmit torque. Then use the set screw to secure the gear to the hub.
The large fuel tank helps keep the worm gear clean and reduces heat. It also provides lubrication for extended life. Worm gear reducer gearboxes with oil reservoirs provide a lubricated environment and low-friction surfaces. Additionally, it offers multi-position installation flexibility. Additionally, its housing is cross-milled for precise alignment. It also features internal baffles for leak-free ventilation.
I260 series worm gear reducer gearboxes are one-piece iron casings with solid or hollow output shafts and tapered roller bearings. This gear reducer gearbox is designed for low to medium-horsepower applications. This gear reducer gearbox is a cost-effective option with low initial cost, the high gear ratio, and high torque in a compact package. Also, it is more shock resistant than other gear reducer gearboxes.
worm reducerBrass worm gear

Brass worm gear reducer gearbox is a reduction gear. This type of gear can provide a lot of reduction in a small package. This type of gear reducer gearbox also has the ability to generate high torque. However, it is important to understand that this gear reducer gearbox has thermal limitations, which reduce its efficiency. The choice of lubricant for this gear reducer gearbox is very flexible. However, being a yellow metal, it is important to remember that the lubricant must be non-reactive.
Worm gears are used in many consumer and industrial applications and have high reduction ratios. These gears are produced in various configurations and sizes. Worm gears are similar to spur gears but have non-parallel shafts. Worm gears are also suitable for applications requiring low output speed but high torque.
Worm gears have some distinct advantages over other gears. First, unlike standard gears, the worm rotates in a worm-like motion. This mechanism prevents reverse movement. This is because the lead angle of the worm gear is small. Additionally, the worms self-lock, helping to prevent reversal. However, this mechanism is not entirely reliable. Worm gears can be found in elevators, fishing reels, sprockets, and automotive power steering.
Another advantage of worm gears is that they are easy to manufacture. The rationale behind this design is to have two mutually perpendicular axes. Then, two or more threads are added to the worm gear. The common tangent between these two shafts intersects the pitch line of the worm gear shaft. This is the basis of transfer speed.

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