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Gearing Arrangement:


Output Torque:


Rated Power:


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Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China

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metallurgy industry




12 Months

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:
5000 Set/Sets per Year

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wooden case
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Online Customization

The use environment of mine reducer is bad, which causes some trouble to the dust in the environment and internal lubrication. Such reducers require small volume but high output torque. The development of reducer requires modularization and serialization.

What are your advantages in choosing "jinxin transmission"?

1. Strong non-standard reducer technology

·75 non-standard reducer national patents;

·9 non-standard reducer high-tech certification;

·Jiangsu gearbox engineering technology research and development center, jiangsu key research and development organization

2.with more than 300 ten thousand yuan to purchase the ProE three dimensional optimization design and calculation software, select the best transmission scheme, the design parameters of selected in accordance with the truth, good mechanical properties and the extreme load, extreme temperature difference remained stable material, practical and concise structure, etc.;

3. Adopt international advanced reducer equipment, such as Germany, Japan, USA, Austria, etc., and the product quality reaches the international top reducer level, far exceeding the national standard;

4. It can meet the requirements of full satisfaction of the actual working conditions, and has the characteristics of compact structure, high load resistance, frequent impact, stable operation and continuous operation.

5. The box structure is designed according to the overload design, with sufficient safety factor to withstand the impact load in the case of the device’s start-stop and accident

6. Components and assembly

√All fasteners, connectors are firm and not loose.

√The rotating parts rotate flexibly, noiseless, no vibration and no jam.

√The lubricating parts are coated with suitable type and sufficient lubricating medium, good lubrication system and no oil leakage.

√The gear meshing part is equipped with enough observation holes to observe the operation of the reducer.

7. Test

Before leaving the factory, the reducer must pass the test. Under the rated speed of the test, the bearing temperature is normal, the gear meshes well, and the combined surfaces are free of leakage.