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Car Fitment:





1995-1998, 1998-2000, 1998-2016


3 Months

Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:




Car Model:

Zna Succe, Zna Succe 1.6L


Standard Size

Model Number:



Transmission Assembly

Car Make:

Sega Peugeot 307 301 Elysee Succe Fengshen

Product name:

Transmission Gearbox for Nssan Zna Succe 1.6L

Transmission Model:



100% Professional Test


Wood Frame

Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units:
Single item
Single package size:
25X10X10 cm
Single gross weight:
101.000 kg
Package Type:
Wood Frame
Lead Time
Quantity(Pieces) 1 – 10 >10
Est. Time(days) 10 To be negotiated

Online Customization

Product Description

product name :Transmission Gearbox for Nssan Dongfeng Zna Succe 1.6L

80700-2ZS00 84945-0P020 26555-2ZS20 48609-42060
80701-2ZS00 75444-0D540 260102ZS00+E304 48520-09K90
82700-2ZS00 75473-60210 260602ZS00+E304 48520-09U60
82701-2ZS00 75441-02350 283002ZS00+E705 48511-80093
82700-2ZS51 75441-0F040 901002ZS00+Z001 48510-0G011
82701-2ZS51 75446-0D110 80604-2ZS0A 48510-80340
26010-2ZS00 90975-C2006 80605-2ZS0A 48511-69585
26060-2ZS00 90975-02069 80671-2ZS00 48510-60121
26550-2ZS10 62506-0D010 391002ZS00+B404 48510-09X61
26555-2ZS10 62720-0R040 30610V0100+C305 48510-09S30
26550-2ZS20 62720-0G040 214812ZS00+P122 48510-8Z019
26555-2ZS20 62710-0R030 82607-2ZS0A 90369-C0002
26150-2ZS00 62710-0G040 82606-2ZS0A 43570-60031
26580-2ZS00 89837-60030 80604-2ZS0A 43246-48010
26155-2ZS00 68105-60200 80605-2ZS0A 68102-0G030
26410-2ZS00 90385-23006 901002ZS00+Z001 68101-0G030
99810-2ZS51 58724-60040 801011S400+Z001 68101-60561
17251-2ZS00 81490-60041 850502ZS00+H513 68151-33090
62290-2ZS00 81581-35021 631002ZS00+Z001 68141-60070
62022-2ZS00 81480-60050 631012ZS00+Z001 69802-60090
85022-2ZS00 81456-60031 622562ZS00+P102 69801-58010
62310-2ZS00 81457-60021 622572ZS00+P102 69801-02120
96301-2ZS5A 89348-YY050-B 821012ZS00+Z001 84820-0D180
96302-2ZS5A 52173-60110 620302ZS00+H513 75720-33120
96301-2ZS0A 52162-60060 651002ZS00+Z001 75710-02450
96301-2ZS0A 52162-60100 25540-1S400 75072-33080
76836-YN00 81590-0G010 AF26238SFG+A202 75756-0D050
76837-YN00 52156-60100 214102ZS00+A401 75756-02090
40072A 48090-35011 546132ZS00+R304 75755-0D050
80606-2ZS00 48530-09Y91 349082ZS00+F005 75755-60060
80607-2ZS00 48530-69346 480802ZS00+D010 75755-33070
82606-2ZS00 48530-69155 488102ZS00+D010 90541-09117
82607-2ZS00 48530-80498 490012ZS00+D001 67001-60671
80870-2ZS00 48080-35011 391002ZS00+B404 75925-60010
62702-2ZS00 89516-0D220 391012ZS00+B404 75927-60010
62257-2ZS00 89516-0D210 985202ZS00+H404 75922-0D120
62256-2ZS00 42450-02140CT 597099+A011 75922-02250
62257-2ZS00 42410-42040 491102ZS00 75921-60030
26590-2ZS00 68104-0R060 628902ZS00+K15 75921-02250
80501-2ZS00 69804-0D150 623102ZS00+P108 75921-0D120
80500-2ZS00 75730-33150 545012ZS00+C212 86160-0P040
80670-2ZS00 75954-60010 545002ZS00+C212 67862-60170
80671-2ZS00 75953-60010 3001002M1135+D506 67496-33040
80671-2ZS00 75935-60010 4406028N2C 85710-06190
80670-2ZS00 75762-60050 254012ZS00+E705 69210-60110
68500-2ZS00 75761-60040 254112ZS00+E705 69210-60110
68500-2ZS00 75761-60060 256662ZS10+FC 69218-33010
68640-2ZS0B 75924-02280 256662ZS10+FC 69217-0D210-A0
66862-5N300 75924-0D130 2143089973+Z002 69217-0D220-A0
66863-5N300 75987-78010 807002ZS00+H510 69250-02160-B1
62255-2ZS00 75923-0D130 807002ZS00+H510 69250-02160-C0
90606-2ZS00 75923-02280 827002ZS51+H510 69202-02130
65601-2ZS00 75923-60020 827002ZS51+H510 75071-33090-C0
52530-2ZS00 67896-33020 546182ZS00+C204 68610-60121
52531-2ZS00 67871-60120 908102ZS00 68740-33021
90500-2ZS00 67871-60120 265502ZS11+E306 68710-35031
63820-2ZS00 67871-60110 265552ZS21+E306 801012ZS00+Z001
96321-2ZS00 75762-0D030 265502ZS12+E306 801002FM0A+Z001
96321-2ZS60 75761-0D030 288822ZS00+F305 801009S600+Z001
32865-2ZS51 68123-02151 RF9505+B404 52114-33400
32865-2ZS00 68640-60111 RF9507+B404 48815-42100
65771-2ZS00 68630-60120 RF9508+B404 48815-30551
90815-2ZS00 821012FM0A+Z001 RF952110+B404 48815-28200
90815-2ZS51 48730-33140 462722ZS4A+T001 48820-02060
96400-2ZS60 48815-60221 622212ZS00+P102 48820-33070
96401-2ZS60 48720-35061 622562ZS00+P102 48820-42030
96401-2ZS00 48710-60131 622572ZS00+P102 43512-0R030
96400-2ZS00 48710-35050 S155309611+P104 43516-22010
96409-2S400 76085-60020-A1 63848W6600+P104 04465-37030
96409-2ZS60 76085-60052-A1 S128100441+P104 04465-42180
82711-2ZS60 47750-34030 663005N200+Z001 04465-60280TR
82713-2ZS60 47750-60101 808740P000+P104 48610-60030CT
82712-2ZS00 04466-60070TR 668200P000+P104 81260-0D180-B
62090-2ZS00 48770-42040 668635N300+P102 48817-52010
78830-2ZS00 46430-60010 668625N300+P102 81482-0D040
78836-2ZS00 81591-02160 727140P005+Z002 81482-0D050
98515-2ZS00 81590-0D080 679324N000+U009 48620-60010
98515-2ZS60 75654-60021-G0 S155305131+P104 48670-59016
98510-2ZS00 88000E050A+F202 682422ZS00+P121 48190-50050
98510-2ZS60 821003LC0B+Z001 682152ZS00+P121 63113P2700+Z0
98520-2ZS00 13301-31050CT 682652ZS00+P121 63100JX30A+Z0
90811-2ZS00 13211-0H050-B0CT 739982ZS60+P104 53802-0D030
23710-2ZS00 13101-37081 738564N000+P104 53801-0D030
80606-2ZS00 13101-31030-C0 623184M400+P104 53801-60B90
80607-2ZS00 13011-31130CT S155307711+P104 75443-0D050
82606-2ZS00 13011-0P011CT 749995V000+P104 53867-0D130
82607-2ZS00 13011-36071 749995V001+P104 53866-0D130
63842/3-2ZS00 13011-31171 62864D4000+P104 63813VK000+P1
25730-2ZS00 13011-58090 809122ZS00+L025 53851-58040
49001-2ZS00 90919-01247 S12812ZS00+L025 53805-60021
48080-2ZS00 90919-01235 809512ZS00+L025 75602-48050
23710-2ZS00 90919-T1014 808264N000+P104 85221-0D200
23710-2ZS2B 90919-01191 850732ZS00+P102 53101-48231
28556-2ZS70 90919-01210 850742ZS00+P102 53101-58270
28556-2ZS00 50850-SFE-013T 85375-06120 53111-33450
68966-2ZS00 08880-83520 9674788980 53101-60920
68966-2ZS51 13519-0T010 9676573977-222 53101-60370
68966-2ZS70 13507-0H020 9676954180-11 90975-02082
47660-2ZS00 13549-0T010 9676954580 43521-60011
47660-2ZS10 13549-0T010 44306-SDC-A01T 90311-C0007

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Our main product are:DONGFENG( DFSK,SUCCE, RICH, GLORY, H30 CROSS), Chery, Geely, Chana, Changhe, Greatwall, Lifan, Chevrolet N200, N300 and so on. If you can not find the products in our shop, please feel free to contact with me, I will reply you in 12 hours.

Ms Cora King/Sales Manager

Hubei Sylphy international Trade Co., Ltd.

Add:Area C,Auto Parts city, Shiyan ,Hubei,China


Tel.:hangzhou ever-power transmission co. ltd. is specialist in pto gearbox-719-8301952

Fax.:hangzhou ever-power transmission co. ltd. is specialist in pto gearbox-719-8318728

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whatspp & viber & tango & Wechat :008613687216728

Company Information

Hubei Sylphy international Trade Co., Ltd.,located in Shiyan City, Hubei province. With 3500 square meters’ warehouse and Three branches. We are a professional manufacturer and exporter that engaged in the design, development and production of auto parts, especially parts for minivan and mini truck, including but not limited to the following Chinese brands :GREAT WALL, CHERY, DFM, DFSK, ZOTYE, FAW, CHANGHE, HAFEI, CHANA, SUZUKI, LIFAN, GEELY, WULING, BYD, XIALI….

With 13 years of development, we have become a strong company with various products, created our independent body parts brand of "Jinzefa" at the same time. As for our own brand it has include 24 big classes and more than 120 kinds of spares parts, and thus, it can almost be compatible with all of mini bus and mini truck body parts. We have already completely met the

maintaining demands, and won a good reputation among our customer with high quality products, excellent service, and timely delivery. Our products are distributed all over the word and have received great support from customer. Now we are expanding our company scale and sales network.

Our factory

We have three factories, namely Shiyan Dongfeng dfsk spare parts factory, Zhengzhou jinzefa spare parts factory

and jiangsu Danyang auto parts factory.

Shiyan dfsk auto parts factory is located in Shiyan City, mainly produces dfsk various sheet metal, We can provide

all dfsk K series doors, car roofs, hoods, axles, brackets and other body sheet metal parts.

Zhengzhou jinzefa spare parts factory is based on Henan Auto Parts City which is one of the largest auto market in

China, We can provide all Dongfeng, Chery, Geely, Lifan, Gio chassis parts and engine parts with high quality and

reasonable price.

Jiangsu Danyang auto parts factory located in the Jiangsu Danyang, It is famous for car lamps and bumpers, We

can find best quality original headlights. If you need car seats, bumpers, car interiors, they can also be easily found


There are 100 staffs in our company ,72 Skilled workers,18 Business people,10 manager. With the spirit of explore and

excellence, They will produce the best quality products, our business man will give you very special answer of all the

products. To save your cost and make the cooperation smoother. Our managers will prepare very well for your

visiting, in this way you will enjoy a very efficient and relax business journey.




A:WearefactorythatmanufactureshighqualitysheetmetalpartsformanyChinesevehicle. Like DFSK Sokon, DFSK Glory,

Gonow Mini Passengers Van, Chery company introduce and so on.


A:Yes,MOQis10PCS.Weacceptmixedorder. If you need very small order, please feel free to visite our Aliexpress Shop, there you can buy the products very easily. The Website is